Q: What is Creople?
A: See About Us

Q: Can anyone sign up and create a user account?
A: See Terms of Use.

Q: How do I start a Post?
A: As a Registered User, you simply click or tap “POST” and follow the basic directions.

Q: What is “Jump In”?
A: “Jump In” is where You a Registered User, can reply to a Post of another Creopler, you can also
Agree, or Disagree.
Q: How do I add Friends?
A: Several ways! You can add a fellow Creopler by the “Invite Friends” button or through your Facebook® or Twitter®accounts. You can also send Friends and email or text from the Site/APP, see additional information on this in Terms of Use, and Privacy Policy.

Q: How do I send posts of my own or others to my Facebook® or Twitter® Account(s) ?
A: You must go to your Profile page and set up your account link there.
If you already are a registered User you can go to “EDIT PROFILE” at any time and add or change
Your information and account links.

Q: How do I upload a picture?
A: You must first be a Registered User of Creople the APP, then you simply click or tap on “Post” and follow the simple directions!

Q: How do I edit or delete my own posts or pictures?
A: You simply go to Your Post and click on “:Edit Post” and follow the simple directions.

Q: What if I find a “Post” to be offensive ?
A: Registered Users can “Flag” posts for moderation or removal, however Creople.com, Creoples the APP, and Creople Inc. have no obligation to moderate or remove any post. Posts are responsibility of the Users. See Terms of Use.

Q: How do I contact Creople.com, Creoples the APP, Creople Inc.
A: Go to “Contact” at bottom of Page or APP

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