About Us

Creople was developed as a Social Networking and Entertainment website to provide a platform whereby Users can Post their frustrations and funny things about their daily lives, while allowing the User to Post as themselves or anonymously. Creople also allows Users to share Posts, reply to Posts of other Users, like and dislike posts, flag posts as inappropriate, Upload Pictures, Video and or Audio to their posts.
With the Creople App, Users have all the website functions plus may also geo locate where the Creople activity occurred by merely tapping the Geo pin. Users may also disagree and Post the disagreement with the original Poster, thereby generating a "You've been Creopled by..." Post to original Posters account, Fun! Users can take pictures/videos with their phones and upload to Creople, with their Post and geo tag it. Users can edit and delete their Posts. Users can choose to Post as their own Avatar and Username or Anonymously, by simple tap of the Anonymous toggle in the App.
Why Creople App?
Current Apps and sites do not meet the Users demands of free speech, without potential retribution by from the" Creople" they are posting about, i.e., Rotten Customers, Teachers, Bosses/Co-Workers or Bullies( Unmasked), and Politivent TM. A few apps do have anonymity as a feature, however they lack depth and intuitive features like editing, removing and flagging, these built in tools and intuitive algorithms make Creople the optimal Platform for User experience. Creople App makes Posting and sharing fun while protecting the free speech of the User. We have all heard the stories of the person who got fired for complaining about her boss, or the stories of people being mistreated by customers and posting on social media or social networking sites, only to be fired later for voicing their frustration. Look people aren't perfect, but frankly some are just plain Creople. Urban Dictionary® describes Creople as creepy people.
Go ahead and post about a boss that gets a little too close and is a little too touchy feely on standard social media. Or post about a Rotten Customer if you're a waitress, and good luck, you are going to need it...when trying to find your next job. Go ahead and tell the Educational Administration of the bullying you're going through, and they suspend or expel you! Don't get mad, get Creople and fightback! (for fun).
If you are a small business person and a customer fails to pay you or smears you on Yelp® or another platform, you have limited options. Most gripe sites will not allow you to respond, or remove false or disparaging posts, and if they do allow you to respond it is only after providing personal information such as a driver's license, to prove you are the business owner, never mind that the person who smeared your business may be hiding behind a pseudonym, you must provide proof and even then, no promise your reply will be displayed.

There are restrictions and limitations on Creople App. Please read and agree to the Terms of Service before using Creople App or Creople.com.